Sister of Mbeatsion taking the bread

The Miracle of the bread that turned to the Icon of Theotokos

The miracle which our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ wrought by the hand of His servant Maba’ Seyon; may His blessing protect ________ for ever and ever! Amen.

Now there was a certain woman among the sisters of our father Takla Maryam (i. e., Maba’ Seyon), and she asked him to give her some of the bread of the commemoration of our Redeemer; and he gave her two very small pieces. And when she had taken them, and was going on her way, a certain monk met her and asked her to give him the fragments, and she did so; and he took them and put them straightway into the case until the time of supper.

Now when the evening had come he opened the case intending to eat the pieces of bread, but he found therein a figure of our Lady Mary with her beloved Child; and straightway he was greatly perturbed and he covered up the case as it was at first and set [it] down.

And when he had waited some time he looked at it again, and then he opened it and found that it contained bread [only]; and he ate it forthwith, and was satisfied with the blessing thereof And it came to pass in the morning [Fol. 5i<5] that the monk rose up and went to our father Takla Maryam (i. e., Maba’ Seyon), the lover of the Redeemer, and he told him all that had taken place; and our father marvelled, and was silent, and gave thanks unto God Almighty and said, “O my Lord and God, art Thou pleased to make manifest Thy “marvellous work on the bread which was made to commemorate “Thee? Blessed be Thy kingdom for ever and ever!”

May His loving kindness and mercy be with ________ for ever and ever ! Amen.




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