Icon of Lideta Maryam: Nativity of Our Lady Mary

The story of the Nativity of our Lady Mother of Light Virgin Mary is one of the beloved and celebrated by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It is commemerated on Ginbot 1 and on the first day of every Month in the Ethiopian calender.

ስለ ቅዱሳት ሥዕላት የተለያዩ መረጃዎችን ለማግኘት ethioicons.wordpress.com እና facebook.com/ethioicons ይመልከቱ፡፡

It tells the story of two pious husband and wife Joachim and Hanna who could not have a child but ultimately through prayer, fasting and good deeds God rewarded them with the most holy of hollies woman that have crossed and will cross the face of earth THE VIRGIN MARY.

This feast is also known as  ‹‹ለደታ ለማርያም፡ Lideta le Maryam or the birth of Virgin Mary›› and I am happy to share with followers of this blog with beautiful Icons of mural, panel and manuscript from different centuries painted by Ethiopian church orthodox painters.

መልካም ጾም፡፡

Images from Mazgaba Seilat

Photographs copyright © 2005 Michael Gervers, Ewa Balicka-Witakowska, et al.

© ከኃይለማርያም ሽመልስ መጋቢት 2008 ዓ.ም.


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