Ethiopian Icon of Prophet Hosea


In this Article I will post some information about the Holy Icon of Prophet Hosea in the Ethiopian Orthodox church together with the story of the prophet from the Ethiopian synaxarium read on the day March 5 or YEKATIT 26.

The EOTC has used many Icons of the saints ranging from the Angels, the first humans Adam & Eve upto the revelation of Jhon and the second Coming of Christ. Among the Holy Icons depicted include prophets which foretold the coming of christ and the salvation of humankind. Among the prophets Hosea which commemorated on March 5 is one of them and this article discusses the Icon of the saint together with the story read in the Synaxarium.

The Icon Saint Prophet Hosea In Ethiopia

The Holy Icons of the prophet in Ethiopia can be found in the Holy Book parchment as early as 15th C. in the book of pslater, 15 to early 16th C of booklet of miniatures, and two Four Gospels (Arat Wängél) of the 15/16 th C. Most painting of the prophet is together with other prophets.

For example one of the miniatures include the title ‹‹ Icons of the 12 Minor prophets; may their prayers be with us. Amen.  ሥዕለ፡ ፲ወ፪፡ ደቂቀ፡ ነቢያት፡ ጸሎቶሙ፡ የሃሉ፡ ምስሌነ፡ አሜን፡፡ ››

The reading from March 5 of the Ethiopian Orthodox Synaxarium.

On this day died the righteous man Hosea the prophet, and he was also called ‘Ozya. This righteous man prophesied in the days of five kings, that is to say, Amos and Uzziah, and Jotham and Ahaz and Hezekiah, Kings of Judah. And he said marvelous things in his prophecy, and he rebuked the children of Israel, and called them children of whoremongers. And he made them to know that God would not turn back His wrath from them, and that He would not have compassion upon them, and that He hath rejected us.

And he said, “If the number of the children of Israel be like the sand of the sea which cannot be counted, only a few of them shall be left.” And he prophesied concerning the belief of the Gentiles in God, saying], “I will call those who are not My people, and I will make them My people, and they shall call Me their God.” And he prophesied concerning the Passion of our Redeemer, and His Resurrection, and saith, “My redemption by His blood is before Him.” And he saith also, “He who slew us, and He who broke us, shall make us to live after two days, and shall raise us up on the third day. And He knoweth our course in the knowledge of God.” And he spoke also concerning the destruction of the domination of death, and concerning the breaking of the goad (sting) of Hell. And he prophesied for a period of seventy years and having pleased God he died at a good old age.

Salutation to Hosea who preached the coming of Christ.


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